Zimbabwe: Mliswa Fumes Over ‘Worst Ever’ Parly Committees

Independent Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has accused the current parliament of being incompetent and lacking commitment to make the committee system effective by not following up on recommendations made to the executive and government departments.

Mliswa was speaking in parliament where he accused parliamentarians of incompetence and lacking the commitment to follow up with the executive and government departments on recommendations made during hearings.

The firebrand legislator equated the current parliament to an engine without valves while calling on Chief Whips to address the issue so as to improve vibrancy of the committee system.

“The engine has no valves. The cylinders are not firing. We are the worst and I hope the chief whips can understand that half way through, we are known to be a Parliament which made recommendations.

“If you look at the portfolio committees, there are recommendations which we do, they are not implemented and we continue to do that.

“It is disastrous and it is the worst ever… There is no vibrancy in these committees and because of that you see many people asking questions instead of portfolio committees picking on things and taking time to be the engine room and making reports.

“The reports of their work which are supposed to be coming in so that we debate are not coming in. What are they doing?” said Mliswa.

The former Zanu PF legislator was once the parliamentary committee on mines chairperson before his removal on allegations of soliciting for a bribe from a local businessman.


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