Malawi: Chilima Launches Micah Challenge Malawi Campaign, Urges Faith Leaders to Lead Struggle for SDGs

Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima has challenged faith leaders in Malawi to lead the struggle for the attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Speaking when he opened the Micah Challenge Malawi Campaign in Lilongwe on Wednesday, Chilima observed that the leadership of faith leaders is critical since they command more influence and respect in the society.

“I wish to appeal to faith leaders to take advantage of the influence they have and respect they command in the society to champion mindset change, which is critical in the attainment of Malawi’s development aspirations quickly,” he said.

Micah Challenge Malawi Campaign is a national movement of aid and development agencies, churches, schools, groups and individual Christians who support the SDGs.

Chilima said the SDGs provide a unique opportunity for churches to join in, as part of their Christian social responsibility, in cooperation with others, both public authorities and actors within the civil society.

The United Nations Resident Representative, Shikegi Komatsubara, said Malawi is making inroads towards the attainment of some goals.

Komatsubara therefore asked the Malawi Government to remain focused on the goals it is already doing well.

“You don’t have to take everything. Just focus on the goals you feel you can attain,” he said.

Reverend Vasco Kachipapa – one of the faith leaders who attended the event – assured the government of their availability and commitment to champion the goals.


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