Namibia: Adolf Hitler Defends His Name – Social Media Reactions

The councillor for the Ompundja Constituency in the Oshana region, Adolf Hitler Uunona, grabbed international attention recently due to the fact that he shares the exact same name as German dictator Adolf Hitler. These were some of your social media reactions to the news.

Eben de Klerk – Relax, you could have been De Klerk

Meriam Kaxuxwena – Thanks for putting our country on the map. Here in the US we read about u last week in an international newspaper

Razia Essack-Kauaria – Putting Namibia on the global news for the wrong reasons.

Erastus Romio Sheya II – This Tate must just consider changing his name, perhaps removing the Hitler part will do. His own father has treble failed him with that name.

Renatus Neema – Was it not supposed to be Adolf Iitila Uunona? Blame it on SA regime Home Affairs personnel who couldn’t pronounce Oshiwambo.

Kerii Job – Why do parents do this to children?

Liina Ndilipo Mwanondele – My dear, I only read about u in an international newspaper last week. Congratulations sir, u are now famous, so u have been a councillor for 16 good years?

Frelin Shilongo – To be honest, I didnt know about him. I never knew that name exists in Namibia. But I am not suprised, cos I have brothers Erich Honecker and Saddam Hussein

Nicolaas van Staden – Martin Luther, Messi Shikongo. Jesus Afrikaner en Maria Coetzee. Same names. Why the fuss? Leave the man

@TangeniHaimbala – The only thing I can think of is perhaps his parents were employed by the Germans.

@Paige_HS – Whole time I just hear Uunona, kanti it’s Adolf Hitler.

@azav – And he can LEGALLY CHANGE HIS NAME at any point. He represents a party. Other people view him. The insistence on not filing a name change boggles my mind. If my parents named me Idi Amin Dada, you’d be damned sure I’d file to change the name.

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