Rwanda: Umushyikirano to Focus On Post-Covid-19 Recovery

The 18th edition of the National Dialogue Council (NDC), commonly known as Umushyikirano, that is slated for next week in Kigali, will among others provide an opportunity for Rwandans to articulate on the critical strategies needed for the country’s Covid-19 recovery.

This is according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), which confirmed that the event will be held on Wednesday, December 16.

“The 18th Umushyikirano Council comes at a time when Rwanda continues to deal with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and it will be a good opportunity for reflection on the impact of Covid-19, highlighting positive lessons that the country should carry forward and efforts that Rwandans can make in the country’s recovery process.” reads part of the statement.

Presided over by the head of state, Umushyikirano is an annual homegrown initiative that provides a platform for national leaders as well as ordinary citizens to discuss issues affecting the nation, including governance and national unity.

It is at the same event that the President delivers the annual state of the nation address.

For the first time, the annual gathering which is expected to attract 500 participants, will take place on a single day as opposed to the previous two days due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, the senior media relations specialist at PMO, Janvier Ndayizeye told The New Times that at least 500 youths will attend Umushyikirano from the Intare Conference Arena, Rusororo, Gasabo District.

“The meeting will be held in a hybrid format. There are sites in all the four provinces, namely Karongi District, Nyaruguru District, Kirehe District and Gicumbi District. This is to ensure that more Rwandans partake in the proceedings.”

Rwandan Diaspora speak out

Speaking to The New Times, Daniel Murenzi, Chairperson of Rwandan Diaspora Global Network, noted that the Rwandan Community Abroad (Diaspora) have a role to play in the country’s Covid-19 recovery progress.

“They (Diaspora) contributed during lockdown whereby different Communities sent their contributions through Embassies and others directly to support our brothers and sisters during Covid-19 lockdown.”

“So this time also during post-Covid-19 recovery, we are looking forward to being part of this national Programme,” he added.

Similarly, John Yves Musiine, the president of the US Rwandan Community Abroad said that the role of the Diaspora in post-Covid-19 is critical to ensure economic recovery.

“As the US Diaspora, we have been having discussions around increasing remittances that have been coming from the US Diaspora, and also encouraging American based companies to invest in Rwanda and specifically using Rwanda as a gateway to the regional market in East and Central Africa.”

For Rwandans based in the US, Musiine pointed out that Umushyikirano gives a platform to learn from best practices and engage with national leaders, private sector and civil society on ideas designed to promote the socio-economic development of Rwanda.


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