Zimbabwe: Sibanda Weighs Her Options

ONE of the country’s leading female boxers, Monalisa Sibanda, says she is still weighing her options to see if it’s possible to defend the Women International Boxing Association (WIBA) Intercontinental light-welterweight title at home.

She won the belt last year and the title defence had been scheduled for April against a challenger but due to the Covid-19 outbreak, she could not after fights were suspended.

However, with boxing back now, Sibanda has indicated she is likely to defend the title early in the year, in 2021.

She was supposed to defend the title against Happy “Sniper” Daudi of Tanzania but says she is now likely to settle for a South African opponent. “Firstly, I just want to thank God for making things happen for us because boxing is our life, with no boxing there is no life.

“I thank God for keeping the title for me, I am still the WIBA Inter-continental champion and I am hoping to defend my title. My dream was to defend my title here in Zimbabwe.

“I don’t think we are going for the Tanzanian, I don’t think so. I think we are taking a South African here or in South Africa. We are still deciding on who to settle for.

“I would love to defend my title here but there is a proposal in South Africa for me to defend the title there. So we are still working on it with my team, to see whether it’s possible to go and defend our title in South Africa or we will continue raising funds so that I defend it here in Zimbabwe,” said Sibanda.

Sibanda, who has been back in training for the past few months, says she is happy with the progress she is making after shedding-off some weight.

“It’s just a month before I defend my title. I am supposed to defend it in January but it’s still in the process. If things go well we can consider a postponement because they are delaying, they want to us to relax, I know the tricks of this game.

“So if they respond to us with full details close to the fight we just say let’s push to March or April so that I will have enough time for the training.

“I was training but I was overweight, now I am managing my weight, I am almost left with five to six kgs. And it’s normal because there is still time for myself to shed off the weight. So I think I am going to make it. I am going to fight and I am going to retain the title,” Sibanda said.

She paid tribute to various sponsors that have been supporting her during the difficult times because of the Covid-19 challenges.

“I just appreciate Edgars Stores they are the ones taking care of all my dressing and Chicken Inn they are still supporting me and Pure Gold Housing Trust they are all my corporate sponsors. They are still standing by my side.

“I am happy my son Andrew is doing well also, he is a boxer too. He is my sparring partner and my coach at home,” said Sibanda.


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