Tanzania: Kwimba Teachers to Undergo HIV Care Training

Mwanza — SOME 20 Secondary Schools’ staff in Kwimba District are set to attend a special training on how to handle children living with HIV/AIDS, in a bid to fight possible discrimination and stigma in the institutions.

Through Youth HIV/AIDS awareness project being implemented by a team of doctors from Sumve Designated Hospital, the Project Coordinator, Mr Sebastian Gregory said: “We are mostly targeting the schools, where such students study. We will be also conducting health testing exercises as well as routinely educating both students and teachers living with HIV/AIDS.”

During a one day workshop at Sumve Secondary School that will host the workshop, he said the 12 month project is being sponsored by the Ambassador’s Fund for HIV/AIDS relief.

“Avoiding abusive language against people living with HIV/AIDS is a part of education to be offered to teachers so that they create a friendly environment in schools,” he added.

Commenting on the project, Dr Abdallah Bihoga, said HIV/AIDS education for teachers is important, especially after the 2019 survey in Sumve Ward showed that a good number of children are suffering from the disease.

According to him, 114 children aged between 0-14 years and 46 aged between 15-19 years were infected by the ailment and taking antiretroviral (ARVs) treatments.

“We are thankful that the infected young people have a positive response and attend the clinics. We do encourage the clinics to be conducted on weekends to give them enough chance to attend both treatments and counseling sessions,” he added.

Dr Bihoga further said teachers should embrace friendly language to students living with the disease and also remind them to take their ARVs.

On his part, Bungula Secondary School teacher, Mr Godfrey Mahimbo said it is paramount for teachers to understand such students especially once any is going through any form of discrimination and stigma.


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