Zimbabwe: Two Drown in Separate Attempts to Escape Buffalo, Hippo Attacks

A 22-year-old Chiredzi man’s bid to escape death from a charging buffalo failed to materialise as he met a different form of demise through drowning.

In an almost similar incident, another 22-year-old man drowned when a canoe he was using to cross a flooded river was attacked by a hippopotamus in the middle of a dam.

In the first instance, Tensen Mabhuyo of Shine Plus, Hippo Valley Estates, Chiredzi, met his fate in Muteri Dam where he had gone fishing with three colleagues.

Mabhuyo had accompanied Cornelius Muchazvirega (24), Needmore Makwela (20) and Shelton Mabwaushe (31), all of Shine Plus in the Lowveld sugar-producing estates on a fishing expedition at Muteri Dam.

While fishing, the three saw a buffalo charging towards them and they all jumped into the water for safety.

Muchazvirega, Makwela and Mabwaushe managed to swim to the safety of a tree in middle of the water body but Mabhuyo drowned as he could not swim.

His three colleagues went on to report the matter to the police the following day for Mabhuyo’s body to be recovered from the dam on the same day.

Meanwhile, Tafadzwa Mafungauchi of Maponde, Chiredzi, also drowned in the Runde River near Chilonga Bridge while trying to cross using a canoe.

Mafungauchi wanted to go to Chilonga Business Centre when he boarded a canoe that was being operated by Nelson May and Onias Mashaila, both aged 22 from Chief Sengwe’s area in Chiredzi.

The canoe capsized when the three got attacked by a hippopotamus in the water.

May and Mashaila managed to swim across to the other side but Mafungauchi drowned as he could not swim.

His body was found floating while being surrounded by crocodiles.

Masvingo police spokesperson, Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident and urged people to avoid crossing flooded rivers.


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