Tanzania Government in New Strategy to Contain Covid-19

Dar es Salaam — The government has come up with a new set of measures in a deliberate move to contain further spread of Covid-19 amid claims of a worrying rise in deaths that are attributable to the viral pandemic.

Contrary to a widely-held government position that Tanzania was Covid-19 free, the government now wants Tanzanians to undertake eight specific measures in a deliberate move to win the war against the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from the three-day period of prayers – which ended yesterday – a statement from the Health ministry noted that Tanzanians must also subscribe to hygienic requirements as advanced by health experts.

These include frequent hand-washing with running water and soap and applying sanitizers in the absence of clean water and soap.

Reiterating that the country will not go into lockdown mode, the Health ministry wants Tanzanians to conduct physical exercises, protect the elderly; those who are obese and those with underlying health conditions.

The Health ministry says it was about time Tanzanians ate balanced diets, particularly vegetables and fruits.

Use of traditional remedies that have been registered by the Traditional and Alternative Health Practice Council must also be taken seriously.


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