Ethiopia: TPLF Dissidents Pose Threats in Eritrean Refugees’ Lives

ADDIS ABABA- Eritrean refugees sheltered in Mai-Ayini and Adi- Harush camps of Tigray State of Ethiopia are in real danger following the attacks by the terrorist TPLF remnants, Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs (ARRA) said.

The Ethiopian government calls upon the international community to condemn the torture and killing of Eritrean refugees by TPLF and join efforts to accelerate the relocation process by availing of active and tangible support to the refugees.

In its latest press statement, ARRA stated that reports are coming from different directions regarding attacks on Eritrean refugees in Tigray.

“TPLF has rejected the federal government’s humanitarian ceasefire and is engaging in fresh attacks including in refugee-hosting areas. Eritrean refugees in Mai-Ayini and Adi- Harush camps feel that they are in imminent danger and in need of immediate solutions in the form of relocation to safer locations, grant to urban status and third-country solutions.”

UNHCR Country Representative to Ethiopia Ann Encontre said that the situation in the Mai Ayini and Adi Harush refugee camps has further and rapidly deteriorated with the escalation of fighting in the area over the last two days.At least one Eritrean refugee death has been confirmed, with credible reports of arrests, detentions, beatings, looting, and sporadic gunfire.

“Tens of thousands of refugees, fearful for their lives, are currently trapped and unable to move due to the insecurity and ongoing movement of troops in the area.

UNHCR staff on the ground, as well as other humanitarian partners, are now unable to reach the camps to assist refugees.”

UNHCR Ethiopia Spokesperson Neven Crvenkovic told The Ethiopian Herald that the commission follows the developments in Tigray closely and it remains deeply concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation.

“We are extremely concerned about the conditions of Eritrean refugees in the Tigray State of Ethiopia. Since the outbreak of hostilities in November 2020, they have been deeply affected by the violence and insecurity that has engulfed the area.”

“In the past weeks, hundreds of Eritreans have been arrested in the Shire town. We have sought clarity from the authorities in Mekelle and have requested access to and the immediate release of any unlawfully detained refugees and asylum seekers.”


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