Liberia: ‘Give Back to the Less Privileged’ – Presidential Aide Admonishes Well-Meaning Liberians

Kakata — In commemoration of his 45th Birth anniversary celebration, the Presidential Aide to President George Manneh Weah and a native of Kakata City, Sekou Kalasco Damaro, is admonishing well-meaning Liberians to look back and provide for the less privileged in the society.

Speaking during a donation of several food and other assorted items to the Peter W. Saklon Orphanage Home in Kakata, Margibi County along the Bong Mines Road, Presidential Aide Damaro urged every Liberian from every walk of life to help those still at the bottom of the economic ladder achieve their full potential; especially children and young people.

The gesture according to Mr. Damaro, is his way of giving back to the less fortunate especially on his natal day and in his native town where it all started for him. Some items donated by Mr. Damaro included: several bags of 25kg rice, gallons of Argo and red palm oils, sardines, cartoons of luncheon meat, bags of onion, salt and LD$50,000 dollars to the Proprietor of the Orphanage, Rev. Peter Sayklon for the kids’ up keep.

President Weah’s Special Aide vowed to continue his gesture to the orphanage; stressing that: “I am now a part of you, therefore I promised to do regular visitation here and also ensure that this home don’t run short of food.”

Speaking further, Presidential Aide Damaro said his action is in no way intended to show-off or for any rather political reasons; rather, it his way of emulating the good examples of his boss, the President of Liberia, who is noted for always giving back to the less privileged.

“I feel so moved and happy to give back to society; as such I am encouraging other privileged Liberians to also follow suit by giving back to their various societies for the betterment of society,” he emphasized.

In continuation of his goodwill to the orphanage and owing to the deplorable living conditions of the kids’ rooms; Presidential Aide Damaro also instructed a local carpenter to assess and begin immediate refurbishing and renovation of the various living quarters of the kids.

Also, due to the lack of electricity at the orphanage, Mr. Damaro popularly referred to as “Kalasco” promised to work out modalities to ensure that solar lights are provided to the orphanage so as to provide energy for their studies and security for the environment.

Amazed by the spectacular recitations and other performances by the kids, Kalasco urged the kids to be respectful, humble and focus on their studies if they are to achieve and excel in life.

He continued: “You all here today can be like President George Weah or former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf tomorrow; but it only comes when you are respectful, humble and focused.”

According to him, seeing the kids, reminds him of his own upbringing in Kakata City, as well as the beginning of his boss, President Weah; where some days they could barely afford daily meal and had to trek to school with hunger; hence, his action is part of his Islamic faith, Pillar Five that calls for giving back.

In remarks, the Proprietor of the Orphanage, Rev. Peter Sayklon, commended Mr. Damaro for looking back and for selecting that orphanage to celebrate his birthday. Rev. Sayklon recalled that he started the orphanage as a result of the civil crisis that led to kids who were abandoned by their parents, or their parents killed or fled as a result of the conflict, seeking refuge with him.

But due to the conflict and constant internal migrations, he finally purchased the piece of land at which the orphanage is now situated. However, Rev. Sayklon recounted challenges the home currently has to include: low teachers’ salaries, lack of electricity and sometimes meals for the kids.

He therefore encouraged Mr. Damaro not to forget about the kids, and to also use his office to lobby for teachers’ salaries as well as the renovation or modernization of the learning facilities for those kids.

In continuation of the birthday celebration, several youth, student groups as well as friends and family of Kalasco also paid tribute to the Presidential Aide for his numerous support to their various organizations, institutions and personal lives.

The various groupings commended Mr. Damaro for always looking back and as well constantly celebrating his birthday with them. According to them, for Kalasco status, he could choose to throw a lavish party at luxurious or elite areas for his peers and circles; but for him to always look back from whence he came was worth commendation.

Meanwhile, the birthday celebration ended with a mini-soccer tournament between Friends of Kalasco- Monrovia, Record FC, Kakata Old Timers and Kakata All Stars.

The game brought together several persons associated with the Presidential Aide.

During the mini-tournament, the celebrant opened the scoring sheet for his side: “Friends of Kalasco” with a clever brace from his teammate that culminated into a clever and fantastic dribble that led to the only goal that saw his side clinching a spot for the final in the tournament.

During the second leg, Friends of Kalasco again took advantage of the opposing team: Record FC, by netting a late minute finishing touch that culminated into Mr. Damaro’s side clinching the tournament.


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