Namibia: Trouble for Youth Activist

YOUTH and social activist Lebbeus Hashikutuva is accused of embezzling N$40 000 from a youth magazine.

Afterbreak magazine co-owners Rejoice Amutenya and Mehafo Amunyela are accusing Hashikutuva of withholding N$40 000 from them after payments from a company they work with went into his account.

According to a statement released by Afterbreak, Amutenya gave Hashikutuva the right to enter into three contractual agreements with the company on behalf of the magazine in April.

The statement adds that Hashikutuva received N$10 000 into his personal account from the company and acknowledged it.

According to Afterbreak, the company made another payment meant for the magazine into Hashikutuva’s account at the end of June.

Afterwards, Hashikutuva allegedly told Afterbreak that because of a bursary he received in 2017 money was being deducted from his account – including the funds paid by the company and which were meant for Afterbreak.

According to the statement, Hashikutuva sent Afterbreak a screenshot of his account’s bank statement upon request, after which the co-owners concluded there was no evidence that Hashikutuva did not take the money.

The Afterbreak team have since registered a case against Hashikutuva.

In an interview with The Namibian, Hashikutuva said: “It is, indeed, true that I owe Afterbreak magazine N$40 000, less the amount distributable to me as a partner and which is still to be properly determined as per our partnership agreement.”

He added that Afterbreak has not informed him what amount he has to give to the magazine, after he requested that information from the co-owners.

The police have confirmed that a case of theft under false pretences has been opened against Hashikutuva.

Hashikutuva said he was not aware of the case registered with the police.

He added that the outstanding amount would be settled in due course.

This development comes after Hashikutuva trended on social media platforms in connection with a similar allegation regarding #ShutItDownNamibia.

Hashikutuva was accused by the organisers of the #ShutItDownNamibia movement of withholding US$5 000 (about N$74 000) from the organisation.

A statement released by the movement shows screenshots of conversations with Hashikutuva and explains how he withheld the money.

However, Hashikutuva informed The Namibian this money was transferred to #ShutItDownNamibia on Tuesday.


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