Uganda: Government Extends Deadline for Hawkers, Street Vendors to Leave Kampala Streets

Vendors operating on Kampala’s streets have been allowed to operate throughout the festive season uninterrupted as they look for where to operate next year.

According to the Resident City Commissioner, Hudu Hussein, street vendors will be allowed to operate up to January 10, 2022 before they are forced off the streets.

“All vendors and street hawkers should make arrangements to find markets where they will operate starting next year; KCCA will not permit street vending and hawking. The- city needs an upgrade,” he said during a news conference.

KCCA has in the past made several attempts to get vendors off the streets but in vain. Vendors leave and return minutes after law enforcement officers leave.

Last week, KCCA started a sensitisation campaign asking them to leave the streets and go to markets like Usafi but the streets are still filled with vendors.

Hussein explained that he has been seeing people posting pictures of some of the cities of the countries around East Africa comparing them to Kampala and insulting the leadership for what they call a substandard capital city.

“We have heard your insults and cries. As you see, those cities to which you compare Kampala do not have vending and hawking on streets because the governments there drove them off the streets. So the vendors and hawkers on streets should be aware of next year. Our streets and pavements are not for trading,” he noted.

He asked these vendors to relocate to Usafi Market or Wandegeya Markets in peace before they are forced to do so come January 2022.

KCCA is working on a street vendors and hawkers ordinance which will provide for licensing and organisations of the trade.

The vendors and hawkers would be limited to specific streets in specific divisions and at specific times, according to the ordinance.

He asked Ugandans to be very vigilant especially in this festive season and ensure that they transit to 2022 in peace.

“Terrorism is still a possibility. Security agencies need your vigilance. Report any suspect or thing suspected to be a weapon of terror. Look out for your neighbour and check your luggage to be certain of what you are carrying,” he advised.


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I prefer we do our own things our way not referring that our neighbours did that, that we also do so first many of the hawkers are low class earners looking for survival from the festive season now to education opening so how would yo expect them to pay for the children we should sincerely think about them coz they are the reasons why yo are in power and they contribute towards payment of your salaries ## think wise we are all ugandans

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