Namibia: Security Guards Choose Unemployment Over Vaccination

THREE security guards from Namibia Protection Services’ employment contracts were not renewed this month after they refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

One of the former guards, Haingura Manfred (31), last week said he was shocked after being told to return his uniform and to stay at home for refusing to be vaccinated.

“That was never the agreement. I would not have signed the contract if it needed me to be vaccinated. Now they are throwing us out because we don’t want to be vaccinated,” he said. He said the company gave employees two options: They could either provide a vaccination certificate or return their uniforms, be compensated and leave the company.

Manfred said he is saddened to be forced to have chemicals injected in his body in order to be employed.

“It is my right to decide whether or not I would want to be vaccinated. It is so sad that I have to pick between getting vaccinated and my job.”

He said what makes the situation worse is the fact that the company refuses to pay him.

“We have still not been compensated for the days we worked. How are we going to survive?”

Another employee, Sam Cornelius, who said he was dismissed, said surviving on his small salary was already a struggle.

“This is unfair. We are pleading to at least get compensated for the work we have done because we will never get vaccinated,” he said.

A third employee, Mateus Eino, said he was disappointed in the company’s policy.

“It is very sad because my living conditions are unbearable. I do not know how I will be able to afford my basic needs, because it was already a struggle with the little that I earned,” he said.


Head of administration at Namibia Protection Services Amanda Zisser yesterday said the company is not forcing employees to get vaccinated. She did, however, say the company requires new recruits to be fully vaccinated.

“No current employees are forced to be vaccinated, but new recruits should have a vaccination certificate,” Zisser said. She said the employees in question were not on probation, but were employed on temporary contracts, which were not renewed. Zisser said the company has paid all their employees.

Those who say they have not been paid may not have submitted claims to the human resources department, she said. She said the company’s mandatory vaccination policy was implemented on 1 November last year, and only requires new employees to be vaccinated as current employees have not signed new contracts. Zisser said temporary contracts will only be renewed if employees are vaccinated against Covid-19.


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