South Africa: Post Office On Importance of Water

Post Office reduces impact on the environment – and its balance sheet

International Water Day is celebrated on 22 March, a day announced by the United Nations to emphasise the importance of fresh water.

The SA Post Office does not use water in its operations, but water is used for ablution purposes at all its facilities. During February 2022, water consumption at its facilities dropped by 600 kilolitres compared to February 2021. This was achieved largely by making employees aware of the importance of saving water and by making sure that water leaks immediately receive attention.

As a responsible corporate citizen, the Post Office places great emphasis on reducing its impact on the environment and aims to use less of all resources. Vehicle emissions during February 2022 were 15% below the target of 653 kilotons of CO2, which is a major contributor to global warming.

Electricity consumption during February 2022 was 22% less than the target of 6254 kilowatt hours. In a country where electricity is generated mainly by coal-fired power stations, reducing power consumption also reduces air pollution. The reduction in power consumption was achieved by using power saving devices such as LED light bulbs wherever possible.

Reducing energy and water consumption also brings a cost saving, something that the SA Post Office achieved despite delivering 22,67 items during February 2022.

The one area where the Post Office failed to reach its target was in paper consumption. The entity used 11,29 tons of paper during February 2022, failing to achieve its target of 10 tons.

The Post Office recycles as much wastepaper as possible and at times recycles more paper than it uses by recycling paper in the dustbins in its public areas.


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