Tanzania: Dar Tourist Attractions Get Exposure to 90 Million Emirates Passengers

NATURAL Resources and Tourism ministry is set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Emirates which would see the airline advertise Tanzania’s tourist attractions in its planes.

The two parts may ink the deal in May this year, according to Minister for the docket, Dr Damas Ndumbaro after talks with the management of the United Arab Emirates airline in Dubai.

Dr Ndumbaro pointed out that the agreement would make Tanzania’s tourist attractions be exposed and seen by 90 million passengers travelling with the Emirates annually.

The Emirates planes would be playing video adverts of the tourist attractions while taking off, Dr Ndumbaro said yesterday.

In another development, he said during the talks they agreed to prepare five documentaries for Tanzania’s tourist attractions including Zanzibar, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Mount Kilimanjaro.

“Emirates is one of the largest airlines in the World. Our objective as the country is to ensure that 90 million passengers flying with Emirates see our tourist attractions and love them then visit them,” he said.

He said the management of the airline has shown readiness to partner for marketing Tanzania in the tourism sector.

“By early May this year we will enter an agreement with that airline,” Dr Ndumbaro pointed out.

He was optimistic that passengers who would see the adverts would be attracted and may visit those attractions.

“We aim to ensure that we reach a target of 5 million tourists by 2025. We believe that we will achieve,” Dr Ndumbaro stated.

He went on to say Tanzania’s tourism is mainly dominated by wild animals but through that agreement with Emirates, Tanzania would get a chance to showcase its other tourist attractions such as beaches, cultural tourism and so on.

On his part Emirates’ director of marketing for Africa, MrBadr Abbas said the company was ready to work with Tanzania in ensuring that the country’s tourist attractions are known globally.

“After signing the agreement we will ensure that the attractions are also put on our website and social media platforms that have been followed up by many people,” he noted.

Tanzania’s Consul in Dubai, Idd Bakari said the talks were successful and through the Emirates, the number of tourists visiting Tanzania would increase.

He said the talks will promote Tanzania and its attractions would be known across the World.


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