Kenya: Blessing in Disguise for Golfer Makokha as Caddie Substitute Delivers Bronze

Caxias Do Sul — Deaf golfer Isaac Makokha was looking forward to a husband-wife golfer and caddie combination before his shock bronze at the 24th Summer Deaflympics in Caxius Do Sul.

The Vet Lab amateur had explored a few tactics with his wife Susan Kithure and they shared scintillating moments in the run up to action proper in his last match.

But after an injury sidelined her wife, a greenhorn caddie in Chris Ojiambo was turned from a sign language interpreter and called upon to fill the void left behind.

Ojiambo was thrown in the deep end, swam and came out with bronze for his golfer Makokha. He actually pulled off a role he was not supposed to play in the first place.

But Ojiambo, who was caddying for the first time, attested to the fact that the new partnership was just a great combination by guiding Makokha to a historic feat.

“I was not prepared for this role. But being a part of the winning team makes me feel proud. It hasn’t sunk in yet. It was a great feeling caddying for the first time. The golfer and a caddie are considered as one, so I feel motivated to deliver the impossible,” said Ojiambo, who has suprised all and sundry with his fairway antics.

“I knew I was walking along the fairways with one of the best golf players so I had to push on and the ultimate purpose was to motivate him.

Asked whether he would love to do it again and again, Ojiambo went on: “If an opportunity like this came my way, I would accept it with my open arms. Isaac (Makokha) has taught me a lot of things during the process. Most of all is being levelheaded, and determination above all.”

Makokha’s wife Kathure was all smiles and here’s what she had to say about his hubby’s fairy tale achievement. “I am a proud wife today. I feel happy. I was here to encourage him and. also to give him anything he needed like snacks from time to time on the course.”

“The only challenge I experienced was that I had the wrong shoes. And at some point, I slipped and couldn’t continue with caddying so I handed over to Chris to continue,” Kithure said.


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