Tanzania: CCM Wants Simiyu RC to Dissolve Amcos Leadership

THE ruling party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in Simiyu Region has urged Simiyu Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr David Kafulila to disband the leadership of all Cooperative Societies Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) in the region and call for new elections that will involve all farmers, especially cotton farmers.

Regional party chairperson, Ms Shamsa Selemani, said cotton farmers, which is the main cash crop in the region, still continues to face a number of challenges and there have been many complaints from farmers. It was observed that many cooperatives failed to meet interests of farmers.

She said the party has identified many challenges that exploit the farmers of the crop and recommended the suspension of all AMCOS leaders in Simiyu Region and called for new elections that will involve all farmers of the crop from all districts of Simiyu Region.

Ms Shemsa said the move should go hand in hand with identifying legitimate buyers of the crop where she also directed to address the challenge of causing huge losses to farmers and making them fail to benefit from the crop despite using great efforts to improve and increase production of the crop.

“We, the ruling party, we have identified a number of challenges that have continued to exploit the farmers of this crop, so since we are the defenders of the interests of the people especially the cotton growers, we are asking the Simiyu Regional Commissioner Mr David Kafulila to dissolve the leadership of AMCOS and appoint new leaders who will oversee and defend the interests of the farmers of this crop,” she said.

She said that the re-election of the AMCOS Leaders would help to solve several challenges facing farmers as the main challenges which were identified were not at the grassroots levels but the selling process where leaders of the AMCOS who are blamed for manipulating farmers, there should be a system that would involve all farmers of the crop.

“We are proposing for the suspension of AMCOS leaders and we are also suggesting the Regional Commissioner Mr David Kafulila to call for a new election that will involve all Cotton Growers in the Region,” she added.

For his part, CCM Simiyu Regional Secretary, Mr Innocent Nanzaba, said CCM supported the decision made by the Simiyu RC and approved the suspension of all AMCOS leaders to allow for re-election of new leaders.


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