Malawi: Chakwera Will Rid Off Dead Wood Soon

Special Advisor to the President on Peace, Reconciliation and Nation Building Reverend Maurice Munthali has assured Malawians that President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera will soon clack his whip on all individuals holding public positions that are deemed to be performing below expectation and deliberately sabotaging the Tonse agenda.

There have been calls from certain quarters of the society advising Chakwera to fire some public servants for poor performance and derailing the president’s agenda.

Speaking on Times Talk Program on Times Radio on Monday, Reverend Munthali, who is also Malawi Congress Party Secretary General said Chakwera has heard the cries of Malawians and that he will soon act because time for honeymoon is over.

As a father, said Munthali, Chakwera had wanted to engage the concerned individuals first.

“As a listening president, Chakwera has taken note of all the concerns regarding some individuals who are performing below par,” said Munthali.

“He has engaged some of them as a father and if they don’t change, the president will have no option but act. If the president acts, don’t come back crying that he is firing people.”

Munthali, who is a former Secretary General for Livingstonia Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) also parried away ascertations that the president appointed wrong people into positions.

“It doesn’t matter whether one is a family member or a church member but as long as you are failing to perform, the president will act,” Munthali emphasized.

“The president has heard the cries of the people. The cries are so loud. I am also advising my president that people have cried enough, you should act as the law stipulates.”

Ngoni Paramount King, Inkosi Yamakhosi Ngomani V recentry called on president Chakwera at a public development rally to fire all incompetent people around him saying “these are the people that are pulling you backwards.”

Said Gomani: “Mr. President, there are some people around you who very slow and incompetent, please fire them. It is your legacy not theirs that will be soiled.

“Your Excellency, Mr. President you don’t owe anybody a favour. The only people you took oath to serve are Malawian citizens and a chosen few individuals.”

During his recent visit to the north, another traditional ruler, Inkosi Yamakhosi Mbwelwa V also asked the Malawi President to deal with incompetent people in his government by firing them saying there are so much dead wood in the Tonse Alliance led administration.


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