Namibia: Outjo Murder Accused in for Long Wait

The trial of two men, accused of killing a pensioner and attempting to kill his fiancée at their home in Outjo, will resume in September.

High Court Judge Nate Ndauendapo scheduled the trial to resume on 20 September, remaining the accused in custody.

Lourens Aib (29) and co-accused Hendrik Nowoseb (40) are on trial for allegedly having murdered Gerhardus Petrus Koekemoer by stabbing him with a knife.

The State also alleges they tried to murder Koekemoer’s fiancée, Zenobia Bezuidenhout, on the evening of 25 October 2014 during a robbery at a small shop that Bezuidenhout was running from Koekemoer’s house.

Aib and Nowoseb are further accused of stealing N$251 in cash, and N$10 and N$5 tango recharge vouchers worth N$465 together with cigarettes, sweets, a bunch of keys and a pocketknife.

The two are being tried on a count of murder, attempted murder, rape and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

They were initially charged alongside Ferdinand Hangula (41), but he committed suicide.

Prior to committing suicide, Hangula, who was on bail, allegedly got involved in an argument with his 39-year-old pregnant girlfriend after she repeatedly told him he is not the father of her unborn child.

At some stage during the argument, he used a shoelace to strangle the woman to death, it was reported in a crime report at the time.

It was further reported that to hide the body of his girlfriend, he pushed her remains under the bed.

He then took the time to write a suicide note before hanging himself with a piece of rope in the bedroom, where he had hidden the body of his girlfriend.

Nowoseb, on the other hand, is currently serving a prison sentence of 44 years for the murder of his former girlfriend, Wilhelmina Tsauses, whom he stabbed to death in her hospital bed after he had stabbed her the previous evening.

The incident took place in August 2017.

His arrest for the murder of Tsauses is what led to the breakthrough in the Koekemoer murder after he told another inmate at the Outjo police cells he is not worried about the killing of the girl, but that of a “white man” he and two friends robbed and killed previously.

The pair are represented by Jermaine Muchali and Natji Tjirera, respectively.


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