Uganda: Parliament Committed to Fostering Oil Production

Kakumiro, Uganda — The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa has promised unwavering support from the legislative arm of government towards the production of oil.

Tayebwa made these remarks at the belated Women’s Day celebrations hosted by the Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja on Friday, 20 May 2022 at the Kakumiro Stadium in Kakumiro District.

The Deputy Speaker who was representing the Speaker said that Parliament would not be deterred by any forces attempting to block the slated exploration and production of oil in the Albertine region of Uganda.

“Oil production is the only hope this country has to be lifted out of poverty and the biggest benefiting region is going to be Bunyoro. Therefore, I wish to promise you, Banyoro that the Speaker, Anita Among and I shall work towards that realisation,” he stated.

He added that Parliament is doing everything in its powers to see that all legalities are met enabling the construction of the oil pipeline to the Dar-es-Salaam port.

With the East African Oil Pipeline project recently getting the go-ahead, Uganda is set to produce its first oil as early as 2025 and production in the next five years is expected to jump to 230,000 barrels per day.

Additionally, Tayebwa allayed the fears of the public by assuring the women that Parliament will fight to make sure government sustains the women’s empowerment fund.

This follows Government’s proposal to move money from the Uganda Women Empowerment Project (UWEP) to the Parish Development Model (PDM), a move the legislators said would negatively impact the welfare of women.

A total of Shs29.2 billion out of the UWEP budget of Sh32 billion had been proposed to be re-allocated from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development leaving Shs2.98 billion for secretariat operations and salaries of staff.

The Deputy Speaker also delivered a contribution of Shs60, 15 and 10 million from the President, the Speaker and himself respectively, towards the construction of a District National Resistance Movement (NRM) office for women.


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