Uganda: Besigye – “We Shall Start From Where We Stopped”

The leader of the People’s Front for Transition. Kizza Besigye has vowed to continue with the protest against the prices of commodities, saying that he will start from where he stopped.

Yesterday, the High Court in Kampala reduced the Shs30m bail cash condition that was handed to the former presidential candidate by Buganda Road Chief Magistrates Court.

He was instead told to pay Shs 3 million, which he did and was released.

Speaking to the media after his release, Besigye said the conditions that were imposed on him were clearly not judicial conditions, adding that the magistrate who imposed such conditions has a duty to explain to Ugandans.

“I am not at all shaken or feel sorry for myself or feel that this is too much. I am aware that we can face worse. What we are fighting for is freedom and equal opportunities citizens, that is what we are fighting for,” he said.

He explained that two weeks’ jail does not mean anything to him because he has ever faced a worse situation than that, adding in order for Ugandans to liberate themselves, some sacrifices must be made.

“That is why I can’t be deterred by impoundment if that is what they intended to do. So we shall start from where we stopped. In awakening up Ugandans to fight for rights and to fight for their freedom, we shall not have stopped,” he said.

Besigye called upon Ugandans to wake up so that they can push together their economic rights that are now greatly infringed by the regime.

“The prices which are harassing everybody can change overnight even with the current circumstances if certain decisions are taken regarding how our money is used,” he said.


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