Kenya: IEBC Dispute Committee to Rule on Suit Challenging Sakaja’s Degree

Nairobi — The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Dispute Resolution Committee will on Wednesday rule on a petition challenging the validity of Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s degree qualification.

Four complainants had raised issues touching on his academic qualifications, which they claim could have been acquired fraudulently.

Sakaja is facing issues concerning his degree certificate from Team University in Uganda.

Dennis Gakuo, one of the complainants want Sakaja’s nomination revoked on the basis that he lacks a valid university degree.

Sakaja has maintained that he has a degree from Teams University in Uganda, dismissing claims that he did not graduate and asked the IEBC to dismiss the complaint.

“Among other qualifications and awards of excellence, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Management degree conferred upon me by Team University in Uganda, having satisfied the requirements of the award,” Sakaja stated.

On Wednesday, The Commission for University Education (CUE) revoked its recognition of the degree held by Sakaja.

In a letter directed to Sakaja, the Commission cited new evidence and stated that an investigation has now been launched over the matter.

“The Commission for University Education has however received material information about the authenticity of the degree you presented from Team University that will require further investigation to ascertain the validity of the said degree certificate,” the letter stated.

A complaint was filed before the commission challenging the legality of his academic credentials.

The complaint was lodged after claims emerged that Sakaja’s name was not among a list of Teams University graduates and yet a degree certificate is among requisite

requirements for Governor candidates in Kenya.

Sakaja said that Teams University is duly recognized in Uganda, and by extension in Kenya.

He also dismissed names used by the complainant (Johnson Koskei Sakaja) to refer to him, noting that his only name is Sakaja Johnson Arthur.

Sakaja further asked IEBC to dismiss the complaint as it was filed outside the prescribed timeliness.

According Sakaja, the deadline for filing a dispute lapsed on June 8, 2022.

“The complaints herein are legally incompetent, fatally detective and procedurally untenable having been lodged outside the prescribed statutory timelines,” he stated.


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