South Africa: What’s Happening In South African News – June 16, 2022

Cape Town —  

South Africa Commemorates June 16, 1976 – Youth Day 

June 16 every year is a time of reflection as South Africa commemorates the day in 1976, that saw Soweto schoolchildren take to the streets to protest against being taught in the Afrikaans language. The day also saw the first death – that of Hector Pieterson, 13, by police. Over 500 children lost their lives that day. As the country reflects on the strides made in the fight for democracy, youth unemployment, gangsterism, drug addiction and mental health are but some of the many issues plaguing the youth today.

SASSA to Start Paying R350 Grant But Not at Post Office

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) announced yesterday that it will start to pay the Covid-19 social relief of distress (SRD) R350 grant this week, to those applicants who were successful.

Grant recipients have been asked not to go to the Post Office to collect their SRD grant, but rather go to approved retail outlets, such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer or USave stores.

Cape Town Mopping Up Operations Begin After Rain, Floods

The mother city, lashed by heavy rains and strong winds earlier this week, is now starting with mopping up operations in areas hardest head by localised flooding in low lying areas.

According to the city’s disaster management spokesperson Charlotte Powell, residents whose homes have been flooded, have being provided with milling and sand where it is possible to raise floor levels. Power outages due to the adverse weather were also experienced in some areas, while a roadway along the N2 at Spine Road also collapsed in the floods.


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