Nigeria: 2023 – I’m in Serious Talks With PDP, NNPP – Buhari’s Nephew

Fatuhu Muhammad, President Muhammadu Buhari’s nephew who represents Daura Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, has dismissed the claim that he has dumped the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Mohammed however said he is in serious talks with other political parties.

“Yes, I am in serious talks with PDP, and I am in serious talks with NNPP. They are all looking for me; they know what it means to have me if the APC doesn’t know my value. I will soon make a decision.”

“When it is time, I will make it public, but I made a press statement after the primaries where I stated that we had written a petition to the national appeal committee, and they had concluded their report but unfortunately, with the connivance of the state government, they were stopped from submitting it.

“So, they are not helping the system. Those that are helping the party are not the ones the system wants. Politics is all about give and take, so we are looking for a possible way out, but they are feeling the impact. They lost the ground and they don’t have the footing; they are scared, that is why they are doing all these things.

“I am comfortably okay as far as I know in my constituency they can’t do anything without me politically. But I have not made my final decision. If I am staying, I will let you know and if I am leaving, I will let you know as well,” he said

On his alleged threat to “scatter the APC after losing the ticket, he said, “Scatter the party as how? They have already scattered their party, what is left? They have already disorganised the party since there was no primary election.

“They should just lick their wounds as they are already an embarrassment. They can’t win even a single LGA not to talk of general elections because they are fighting those that will work for them since they don’t want people to understand what politics is,” he said.


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