Gambia: WoJAG Training On Women and Children Wraps up

The Women Journalists Association of The Gambia (WoJAG) on Thursday concluded a 2-day training workshop on Women and Children Reporting for 30 women journalists.

The training was meant to improve the existing knowledge of women journalists to do more stories around issues affecting Women and Children in the country.

The training held at Tango Conference Hall was also aimed at limiting marginalisation of Women and Children in societies as well as encourage the culture of assertiveness.

Annette Camara, President of the Women Journalists Association of The Gambia (WoJAG) said the training was their first step towards fulfilling their campaign and election promise after 4 months in office.

She expressed her readiness to promote inclusiveness, welfare of women journalists and media workers, strengthen accountability and transparency for WoJAG by making sure her office works with The Gambia Press Union Secretariat to implement the affiliate capacity building project.

Isatou Keita, Vice President of The Gambia Press Union (GPU) said women’s contribution to national development is often undervalued.

“We are not here to sit back and be clapping for politicians. We want to be in the front and take part in decision making processes as well as contribute to the development of the nation,” she stated.

Fallou Sowe, Executive Director for the Network Against Gender Based Violence said the nation’s development can be analysed through children and women empowerment, noting that the importance of women and children’s reporting cannot be over emphasised.

He pointed out the need to unveil issues affecting women and children in society as well as their development and achievements.


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