Uganda: KCCA School Puts Music Speakers in Toilets to Drum Up Sanitation Message

In most places around Kampala when you visit a toilet, it is normally a quiet place and the only noise you are likely to hear is that of flushing water.

This is not the same at Nakivubo Blue Primary School in Central Division where the school has introduced music in its toilets.


The headteacher of Nakivubo Blue Primary school, Agnes Mugisha, said the school composed a song which contains water, sanitation and hygiene messages that keep playing in all the toilets.


“The song has messages like steps of washing hands, importance of drinking safe water, cleaning the toilet among others. It is aimed at teaching the pupils best hygiene practices,” Mugisha said.

She revealed that this innovation is helping improve sanitation and hygiene among learners at school.


“We started this a year ago and the children are enjoying it. It’s their song and the messages are very clear. With this innovation we are seeing an improvement in their behaviours on toilet use and general hygiene practices,” Mugisha said.

This is not the only innovation aimed at improving sanitation at the school, but also the school has established a Sanitation Court managed by the pupils.

The court penalises those found abusing sanitation regulations in the school.

Nakivubo Blue is among the five schools in Kampala that have been selected as the 2022 model schools for sanitation after demonstrating their best initiative on improving sanitation.

Other schools are Uganda Martyrs Rubaga (Rubaga Division), Kyanja Muslim Primary School (Nakawa Division), Mpererwe Primary School (Kawempe Division) and Kibuli Demonstration (Makindye Division).

The schools were awarded under the Toilets Making Grades’ competition that is being implemented by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) with support from GIZ’s “Sanitation for Millions” program.

Schools in Kampala compete for the best improvement of hand washing, sanitation and general hygiene.

A total of 68 public primary schools in Kampala competed to become the TMG model school in their area.

The schools ensure they have clean toilets and good hygiene which are at the heart of a safe learning environment. Schools like Kyanja Muslim were awarded for innovating a water harvesting system that has helped the school minimise water bills and adapt to waterborne toilets.

“When GIZ constructed a toilet for us we were worried about the cost of water bills but we constructed an underground water tank and installed a water pumping system,” says Siraje Gyagenda the headteacher.

Buganda Road Primary School was recognised for its ability to maintain clean toilets and being able to settle its water bills despite the high population of over 2000 pupils.

Prosper Lwamasaka, the head of Schools Inspection at KCCA, revealed that the intervention by GIZ has tremendously improved sanitation in schools.

“Our toilet-pupil ratio has improved by over 200% from 118 children per stance 2017 to 50 children per children per toilet stance. This is incredible,” Lwamasaka said. Not only has the toilet ratio increased but also the quality of the toilets in schools.

Dr Michael Klingler, the GIZ Uganda Portfolio manager said they are committed to improving school toilet cleanliness.

“Schools are a key place for transforming society and we hope by improving sanitation in schools will have a huge impact on the community where the children live,” Klingler said.


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