Kenya: Nairobi Residents to Pay More for Water As NCWSC Seeks Upward Tariff Review

Nairobi — Nairobi residents are set to pay more for water and sewerage services if a proposal by the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) seeking to review the tariffs upwards is approved.

The Nairobi water company on Thursday explained that the move to increase the price of water as well as that of sewerage services is part of measures to meet their obligations.

The company has already sent the proposed change in water tariff structure for 2022/2023 to 2024/2025 to the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB), which plays the regulatory authority.

“NCWSC proposes an upward tariff review to enable the water utility to operate at full cost recovery and meet conditions necessary for improving service delivery,” reads the notice.

In the proposal, Nairobi water wants the current tariff for the domestic/residential purposes increased from Sh34 per Cubic Meter to Sh45 per Cubic Meter, for the consumption block between zero to six (0-6) cubic meters.

For domestic use the tariff band has been expanded from the current maximum of 60 cubic meters and above to 300 cubic meters, which will now cost sh 80 per cubic meter from the earlier sh 70 per cubic meter.

The proposed tariff for commercial/industrial/government institutions to be revised from the current sh 34 per cubic meter to Sh67 per cubic meter, for consumption blocks between 1-50 cubic meters.

The tariff band for commercial/industrial/government institutions has also been expanded from the current maximum of 60 cubic meters and above to start from 300 cubic meters, cost to be sh 80 per cubic meter.

The proposed tariff for Schools/Universities/Tertiary Institutions in the consumption block between 0-600 cubic meters is set to increase from the current Sh48 per cubic meter, to Sh50.

Multi-dwelling units as well as gated communities will have their tariffs increased from the current Sh53 to Sh67 per cubic meter.

Bulk water supply tariff will increase to Sh32 from the current Sh30, while water kiosks will be charged Sh22 from the current Sh20, all per cubic meters.

The proposal also includes upward review of sewerage tariff for all categories, for the same period.


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