Gambia: Project21 Training for 21 Youth On Personal, Career Development Ends Tomorrow

Project21’s training for 21 youth on different topics for their personal and career development that began in May 2022 is set to end tomorrow, Saturday 16th July 2022.

Lawkadinch Silvia Gomez, Founder of the project said trainees were trained on Communication, Networking, Teamwork, Leadership and Goal Setting in the first phase of the training.

“The reason for selecting these topics was as a result of the low level of self esteem for most youth in the country. These are basics for a person ready to be quite influential and inspirational in society. While building the next set of initiators, it is best they take a journey inward to understand how to properly interact with people beyond their comfort zones,” she said.

She added that the next set of sessions were on health, sexual health, cancer and mental health.

“These are health topics that are taking a toll on our country and world at large especially in this 21st century. It is quite important for youth to understand how to save themselves and join the fight by ensuring they are involved in the dissemination of information regarding these health issues. One cannot fight cancer or any STI alone but a community that is each other’s keeper and teaching the next generation,” she said further.

She added that sessions were also held on Activism Work, Human Rights, Climate Change and Peace-building.

“The biggest activism in the world today are around these topics which was why we ensured every participant understood what exactly these are about and why there is a big roar about them,” she added.

The final three activities for the training were Community Service, Creativity and Arts Day, and The Mentorship Evening.

Lawkadinch Silvia Gomez however appealed for assistance for her project for a progressive nation.


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