Uganda: Vehicles From Uganda to South Sudan to Pay Sh 230,000 Per Border Entry

All vehicles from Uganda transiting to South Sudan will be required to pay $60 (Shs 230,000) per border entry effective August 1, 2022.

In a public notice dated July 22 signed by Lt Gen James Ruot Wuor Tiap, the South Sudan Assistant Inspector General of Traffic Police, vehicles will also pay an additional $100In addition, to obtain a digital border security control badge which is valid for one-year.

“The ministry of Interior, Directorate of Traffic Police is enhancing security measures at its border checkpoints. In particular, the Directorate of Traffic Police is implementing automated data collection and analysis, digital tagging and license plate recognition systems, to identify the vehicles and their occupants, arriving to and departing from South Sudan,” the statement reads in part.

South Sudan will be the first nation in East Africa to have a digital car tracking system on its borders if it is put into place.

Last year, cabinet in Uganda cabinet approved a similar move to have all vehicles and motorcycles installed with security tracking devices.

According to security minister Maj Gen Jim Muwhezi the project was meant to enable government to know the whereabouts of any motor vehicle at any particular time.


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