Sierra Leone: Citizens Should Remember the Good Leadership of Late President Kabba – Ambassador Souley B. Daramy

Chief Executive Officer for Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (ATK) Foundation for peace, tolerance, human rights and democracy, Ambassador Souley B. Daramy, condemned the August 10th violent protest and called on Sierra Leoneans to always remember the good leadership of late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.

He made the call during an interview at Radio Democracy ‘Gud Morning Salone’ programme on Wednesday 17th August 2022, when expressing grave concern over the event of the past days and stated that he was saddened by the riotous incidents that caused the loss of lives of both security personnel and civilians.

“I want Sierra Leoneans to always remember the good leadership of late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah who once said that ‘Never again shall we resort to violence to settle matters of political interest’. I also want to advise people not to use violence to settle confusion that have to deal with politics, cost of living among others that would undermine the peace of the country.”

He said the ATK Foundation was established in 2016 to advocate for peace, unity, and democracy in Sierra Leone,and to support Sierra Leoneans to thrive in a just society; through interventions like partnership with state and non-state actors; mediation during political and other conflicts.

He said the foundation is a non-profit organization and it is poised about fostering a favourable environment wherein every Sierra Leonean will contribute to the growth and development nationally and internationally, adding that they envisaged a democratic, just, and peaceful society where people are empowered to fully realize their potentials.

He said people should be able to settle all their differences without fighting because what happened on Wednesday was a breakdown of communication between the government and the people.

He said the foundation issued a press release on the 11th August to remind everyone of the sacred vow taken and espoused by the late President Kabba.

He appealed to all Sierra Leoneans to conduct interactions peacefully and amicably within the ambits of the law.

“The Foundation encourages open and positive dialogue across divisions on any matter. As people of one nation, we must be tolerant and respect state authorities. We must all continue to maintain our commitment to peace and national cohesion, irrespective of our political affiliations and we must always remember that Sierra Leone is bigger than any group or groups. We also recommend a thorough independent investigation of this shameful incident in our society and those responsible should bear the full force of the law,” he said.


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