Tanzania: Govt Commits to Work With Stakeholders in Improving Community Health

DEPUTY Minister for Information, Communication and Information Technology Mr Mathew Kundo has said that the government will continue to work with different stakeholders in raising awareness on prevention and treatment of diseases within communities to improve health status and save lives.

He was speaking during a health testing exercise to women and children organised by Tanzania Women Journalists Advocate for Children Rights (TAWOJAC) in collaboration with Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) and Kibaha Town Council in Kibaha, Mailimoja on Tuesday.

“Our government has been working with different stakeholders in ensuring that the communities are being reached with correct information and knowledge on prevention and treatment of different diseases as well as with quality and affordable health services within their areas,” he stated.

He went on to congratulate TPDF medical personnel on their willingness to conduct the exercise, which he said will save lives of hundreds of people in return. On the other hand, the deputy minister congratulated TAWOJAC members for supporting government’s efforts in improving health status within communities.

For her part, TAWOJAC’s Director Ms Neema Nchimbi said that the association will be organising similar exercises in other parts of the country with the aim of raising awareness among individuals on diabetes, high blood pressure, cervical cancer, breast cancer, malaria and Covid-19.

TPDF’s medical team leader, Lt Col Tumenye Mwalukunga said that all individuals who would test positive for the mentioned diseases would be referred to Tumbi Regional Hospital for further treatments.

One of the residents from Kongowe street in Kibaha Town, Mwanausi Ali thanked the government and the organisers of the exercise, pointing out that she was worried about her health but her worries disappeared after undergoing the medical tests and received results. A total of 500 individuals were expected to attend the event.


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