Ghana: 2 Books On Treasures of Wisdom Launched

Two Books titled “In Pursuit of Excellence” and “Becoming a Great Leader,” authored by the President of Youth Arise Organisation (YAO), Moses Baffour Awuah, was launched in Accra over the weekend.

The books with 119 pages each highlighted both wisdom concealed and treasures that when discovered could change the trajectory of individuals as well as the country.

The eight-chapter books, ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ looked at the master key for excellence, while ‘Becoming a Great Leader’ focused on leadership as a relationship and not just about titles or positions, because leadership was power to cause change and transformation.

The Project Lead Engineer at National Engineering and Technical Company (NETCO), Dr Amarachi Ugoji, and an Activational Speaker, Dr Solomon Ababio-Adjeman, launching the books, said they were hopeful people practiced the discipline in the books for greater testimonies.

“It is time for people to study books and not just read them in order to get results because one can read books and not experience any change or positive happenings in their lives,” Dr Ugoji advised.

Deliberating on how to pursue excellence, the author explained thatbefore he wrote the book, he asked himself if he had been excellent in his work but later realised he had not done much.

“I noticed that no matter the kind of excellence you want to attain, if the people around you are not on the same page with you it would be difficult, because excellence is a battle and more people have to get involved to make it work. I wrote the book not because I am there, rather I want everyone to live on the journey in getting excellence,” he said.

Speaking on leadership, Mr Awuah said most leadership books contained the same approach but his book, ‘Becoming a great leader’, demonstrated how one could be a great leader through six stages.

“My goal is that by the time every individual finish reading the book, they would have gone through all the six stages, thus self, family, community, national, continental and finally global,” he said.

He highlighted a challenge and reason people lagged behind, stating that it was because individuals were not intentional about themselves.

“If we want things to work in the country then we have to be intentional about ourselves; learn more, don’t give up and when we travel we should at least return to exert our experiences,” he stated.

Mr Awuah further entreated the youth and his readers not to just read books but to practice it as well.


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