Rwanda: Artist on His ‘The Heart of Trinity’ Solo Art Exhibition

Henry Munyaneza expressed himself and showcased his artworks in a solo art exhibition ‘The Heart of Trinity’, a one-week exhibition that tells the Godly way of living regardless of the religion you belong to.

“This is more of a live painting project that presents how ‘Trinity’ is defined as a co-equal as God the Father, God the Mother and God the Son. In all three, ‘God the Mother’ is the heart of the Trinity,” Munyaneza explained.

The exhibition was launched on August 27, and Munyaneza painted two different art pieces from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm which impressed the audience.

It is an ongoing exhibition until September 3, so that people who love art can get enough time to visit the space, see the paintings and purchase them. At the exhibition, with the support of Lion and Vine, models, fashion designers and singers are also getting the platforms to showcase their talents too.

When asked about the message he wanted to portray, the artist said, “Nobody has to leave their ethnic or cultural identity behind to become Christian, Muslim or anything at all. Just believe and trust your God in your own way, not in other people’s cultural ways.”

Munyaneza started working on this project in July 2022, and he was the only painter. He exhibited 14 art pieces, did two live paintings on an opening day and will do two others on the closing day, which will make them 18 art pieces in total.

The exhibition is taking place at the Kigali Soul Creative Hub Space in Kimihurura, KG28 ave, gate 11 opposite Ecole Internationale de Kigali.

The artist was motivated by some of his cousin’s artworks who studied at Nyundo School of Art and Music. In 2017, Munyaneza joined the same school and graduated from there in 2019. He started doing live painting in 2021 as a professional artist and has been doing live paintings in different locations like concerts. He also painted Ric Hassan and did several street paintings, works in entertainment events like birthdays, some art shows and books launches as well as some personal projects, ‘Gusabika’, ‘Deep in love’, ‘Back Jesus in me’ and ‘The Heart of Trinity’.

Munyaneza urges all Rwandans to support artists and encourages those who love art to never stop doing so and buying their art pieces since it motivates them to keep going. To his fellow artists, he advises them to be more creative and authentic.


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