Nigeria: Obi Will Remove Nigeria’s ‘Stone of Corruption’ Off Our Necks, Says Okonkwo

Nigeria’s evil barriers to her development, corruption and woeful leadership would cease to torment her citizens if Peter Obi emerges as the President of the country next year.

This was the declaration of Senator Annie Okonkwo who chaired a reception for Obi in Los Angeles, California USA, to round off his recent cross continental dialogue with ecstatic Nigerians in diaspora.

According to a statement, making his remarks at the epic Beverly Hilton venue, attended by the creme of eminent global diasporans recently, Okonkwo said the message was clear and straight.

“We are pleased to affirm our agreement to what Nigerians across religions and tribes, professions and trades, local and international have proclaimed loudly, that in Peter Obi, there hopes are alive again, and with Sen Datti Ahmed, the best is found, so the others should really step aside to rest,” he added.

Speaking amidst eruptive ovations, he emphasised, “I state with responsibility and civic experience, that given the fever of excitement to this unique team, never seen in our recent campaign history, our energetic youths have ‘anointed’ Peter to break the yoke of corruption and senile leadership in Nigeria, and that shall be done deservedly. “Leadership afflictions and corruption insanity, are pulling people together around the “mantle of fidelity in governance” that Obi has raised and preserved. That is a great cause to proudly support.

“But I must caution, that there are works to be done and keep doing, to assure the guaranteed outcome is accomplished. An inspiration from the holy book is therefore apt.

“Before our saviour Jesus, raised Lazarus from the dead, he first needed the mourners to do something significant, to roll the stone covering the tomb away, despite having all powers command his wishes. They did that duty obediently, and Jesus rewarded them with the miracle of giving back Lazarus to them alive.

“The lesson is obvious, that when we collaborate in labour, we gain higher value. Let’s be ready to remove every single stone standing between Peter Obi and the Nigerian Presidency.

“That is the seal of our common resolve here, to make Obi revive our decay and deliver prosperity to a raped nation. I have no doubt about that, but those in doubt should wait to verify after the February elections.”

Warning that the forthcoming elections must not be rigged by unpopular candidates or entitled contenders, he advised that all must come clean to the table based on the rule of the game and laws of the land.

“In fact, I cannot wait for the campaign to start proper, so we can see all the people and examine their products, the same way Obi is being intensely scrutinised and verified. “For now, all I hear are arrogant misspeaks and worn out cliches of yesterday’s deceits and betrayals. Where has shame and honour gone to really,” he queried.

“Let me tell you a fact, I was a Senator in a different party, same time in Anambra state when Obi was governor, and I can confirm that the state is unarguably, the toughest state to govern in Nigeria. Yet Obi raised the bar of governance there exceptionally, by making integrity, character and prudence his unshaken performance parameter.

“The results became so visibly commonplace that nobody was clapping, because he has no “shishi” for celebrations.”


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