Zimbabwe: ‘Glen View Complex Needs Proper Structures’

The frequent fire outbreaks at the Glen View 8 home industry can be prevented if devolution funds were used to build proper structures, Zanu PF parliamentary aspirant for Glen View North, Cde Martin Mambo, has said.

His views come after a devastating fire engulfed the home industry on Wednesday night, destroying valuable property.

Last Wednesday’s fire outbreak was said to be the 12th since 2012, and the third this year, at the complex.

Each time a fire breaks out, hundreds of enterprising Zimbabweans lose their products such as newly made sofas, wardrobes, kitchen units and beds.

A lot of the entrepreneurs do not have insurance and when a fire devours their products, they have to start afresh.

Cde Mambo said fire outbreaks at the home industry were of concern to the local residents and the SMEs, and called for the construction of proper structures to prevent future fire outbreaks.

“Devolution funds should be disbursed to build proper structures for these people if we are to avoid future fire outbreaks,” he said.

“These people need to work in a complex that is conducive, well-established and with proper infrastructure that is demarcated for everyone,” he said.

Entrepreneurs have since appealed to the Government to help them to restart their businesses after their products were reduced to ashes.

A caretaker at the home industry, Mr Paul Mutamburirwa, suspected that the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

“I was moving around inspecting the complex then I saw a flame coming from the inside in the home industry,” he said.

“The area where the fire started has electrical cables which are used to operate machines so I suspect that the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

“I then rushed to tell a security guard at the service station who then informed the manager who then called the fire brigade and the police.

“This is the third time it has happened this year and the 12th time it has happened since 2012.

“Every year fire guts this complex and it is of concern to the local residents as well the people who operate at the complex.”

An SME, Mr Clever Makatare, said he has lost a lot of products due to the frequent fire outbreaks.

“The first time I lost goods worth over US$23 000 which consisted of 23 sets of sofas and today I have lost seven sets of sofas, 12 wardrobes and eight kitchen units valued at US$17 500.

“We are appealing to the Government to help us with funding to resuscitate our businesses so that we can sustain our families because we do not have anywhere to start from. We also want them to assist and build proper structures to avoid further fire outbreaks,” he said.

Mr Makatare also appealed to Government to drill boreholes at the home industries so that they can have a constant supply of water which can also be used in cases of emergency.

Mr Timothy Mazorodze, who started his business two years ago, said he was affected by the fire that broke out at the place last year.

After a marked recovery from the effects of the first fire, Mr Mazorodze was left counting his loses again after the latest fire gobbled all the household property he had made


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