Zimbabwe: Armed Robbers Strike Again in Byo

ARMED robbers weekend hit at the Women’s Empowerment Trust located at Fidelity building in Bulawayo and got away with US$6, 000 and R5, 000.

The robbery comes barely a week after another heist at CBZ Bank’s Bulawayo Fife Street branch where armed robbers last week stole US$88 000 and R80 000.

According to police, Saturday’s robbery took place on the 6th Floor of Fidelity Life Centre on the 11th Avenue and Five Street.

“The ZRP is investigating an armed robbery incident which occurred at a trust and women empowerment company at 6th Floor , Fidelity Building , Bulawayo where two suspects armed with pistols attacked complaints and took US$6 270.00 as well as ZAR 5 000.00. The company is also involved in money transfer,” said the police in a brief statement on their Twitter handle.

Business came to a standstill in the Central Business District (CBD) when police cordoned of the building, where the suspected robbers were reportedly holed up.

Following further police investigations, it was later established that the gang had escaped before their arrival.

The incident apparently attracted a large crowd of onlookers, who watched in anticipation of seeing the police apprehending the suspects.


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