South Africa: Eskom In Yet Another Battle to Keep Lights On – South African News Briefs, September 20, 2022

Cape Town —  

Eskom on Everyone’s Lips as Utility Battle to Keep Light On!
This past weekend the country was thrown into Stage 6 load shedding after multiple breakdowns at power stations across the country. Opposition parties and business is calling for more transparency from Eskom as the economy buckles. The utility has now announced Stage 5 load shedding of yet another break at the Tutuka power station is announced. Eskom has launched a power purchase programme to secure 1,000MW to bolster constrained generation capacity.

When Petrol Price Comes Down Why Do Taxi Fares Remain the Same?
The National Taxi Association has said the decrease in fuel prices have had little impact on the bottom lines of taxi operators and profits remain low. According to the association’s spokesperson Theo Malele, the taxi industry had absorbed the impact of multiple fuel increases for quite some time and was left with little choice but to increase taxi fares by between 25% – 30 % in July 2022. Malele said the fuel price drop has not had a knock-on effect on other costs, like the price of spares and general maintenance of vehicles, which remains high, IOL reports. The Automobile Association says that October may see another sizable reduction in the fuel price, while diesel users are facing an increase.


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