Kenya: Koome Gazettes Permanent Court of Appeal Bench At Eldoret Law Courts

Narobi — Chief Justice Martha Koome has officially gazetted a permanent bench of the Court of Appeal at the Eldoret Law Courts.

Koome established a permanent bench of the court through gazette notice 11261 dated September 20.

She said the court will aid in reduction of appellate backlog in Eldoret and the larger Rift Valley.

The Court of Appeal station in Eldoret being the sixth after Nyeri, Nakuru, Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu, will start its operational services on October 1.

Speaking on Friday while launching another permanent bench in Nakuru, Koome committed to launching additional courts to fast track access to justice.

Koome who is also the President of the Supreme Court reiterated the commitment to fast-track case proceedings countrywide is anchored on the promises she made on ensuring that more permanent appellate courts are launched.

“The promise we were making was merely anchored on the provisions of the constitution that promises access to justice to our people. We analyzed and said we actually need a court of appeal in Nakuru just the same way we also need a permanent bench in Eldoret,” she said.

Koome said launching of the appellate courts is aimed at reducing the geographical distance travelled by litigants and the cost of accessing appellate justice.


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