What Does FIFA’s Ban Mean for Kenya?

Football fans all over the world are no doubt aware of the FIFA ban placed on Kenya at the beginning of 2022. It happened at roughly the same time as one was placed on the Zimbabwe FA board. As you might expect, football fans from both nations were not best pleased by the news.

But what exactly does this ban mean for Kenya? This is the very question this article will set out to answer. So, before you switch your attention from football to the latest SRL livescore , read on to see what we have to say!

Why Has Kenya Been Banned by FIFA?

Before discussing the implications of this ban for Kenyan football and its fans, we’ll first explain why Kenya received this ban in the first place.

The ban was announced by Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, back in February 2022. This decision was made in response to interference from the government in the running of the sport. More specifically, the ban was placed as a result of Kenyan sports minister Amina Mohamed’s dissolution of the Football Kenya Federation at the end of last year.

Following this, the president of the Football Kenya Federation, Nick Mwendwa, was arrested on multiple counts of fraud. Kwendwa resigned but has since been reinstated as president, reassuring fans that one of his top priorities is to see the FIFA ban lifted.

Has Kenya Ever Been Banned by FIFA before?

This is the third time Kenya has received an international ban from FIFA. The first time was back in June 2004, just four days prior to a World Cup qualifier match with the Guinea National Football Team. FIFA’s 2004 ban on Kenya’s national team was made in response to the government’s dissolution of the Football Kenya Federation over allegations of corruption within the group.

Just two years later, in October 2006, Kenya was once again banned from taking part in international football. According to an announcement from the FIFA Associations Committee, the decision was made due to the Football Kenya Federation’s repeated failure to hold to necessary regulations and statutes.

What Are the Repercussions of FIFA’s Ban on Kenya?

Beyond being banned from competing in international sporting events, what are the knock-on effects of FIFA’s ban on Kenya? As you might expect, such a decision has a significant impact on players and fans alike.

One of the greatest impacts this ruling has had on Kenyan football is that a number of the nation’s top players have effectively gone on strike until the issues between FIFA and the Federation are resolved. In fact, entire teams have stepped down from the Kenyan Premier Leagues, refusing to take part until their government has patched up its relationship with FIFA.

No doubt these developments have made an impact on the fans, as well. Not only are they unable to see their national team compete in the World Cup later this year, but many will be impatiently waiting to see their favored clubs play once more.

What Now?

The question remains: what comes next for Kenyan football? At the moment, the answer is uncertain.

With the president of the Football Kenya Federation reinstated, we will hopefully see relations between FIFA and the Kenyan government swiftly repaired. After all, Mwendwa has made it clear this is a priority of his, which is in itself enough to give hope to ardent fans.

When Kenya was banned by FIFA in 2004 and 2006, they were re i nstated in time. One can only hope the same will happen this time around and that this most recent ban will soon be a thing of the past.


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