Liberia: VP Howard-Taylor Delivers Convocation Lecture At Elizade University

Monrovia — Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has delivered the 6th and 7th convocation lecture of Elizade University in Ilara-mokin, Ondo State, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, from October 19th to 20th, 2022.

The Vice President, according to the Board of Trustees of the University has demonstrated a prototype of true leadership needed in the era of the African Renaissance.

Madam Vice President according to a dispatch, relished the opportunity to have been selected amongst many prominent sons and daughters of the intelligentsia and expressed profound gratitude for the platform.

Speaking on the topic: “Africa Renaissance: Key for New Global Leadership Paradigm”, VP Howard-Taylor began her discourse by calling for a new philosophical mindset that she believes will usher in the African Renaissance.

She proffered that a shift in mindset for a new paradigm or new pattern is necessary to build a more holistic, sustainable, inclusive, and innovative and developed Africa for ourselves and people.

Madam Vice President further intimated that a new philosophical mindset is necessary so that a new pathway with determination and commitment, will lead Africa to becoming the great continent designed and given to us by our creator, which its people desperately yearn for.

The Vice President argued that the conversation of the African Renaissance began years back through the years of slavery, through the years of liberation, and struggle, and continues today through the years of economic slavery.

She stated that though our forefathers gave blood, sweat, and tears for Africa to be liberated and free, we remain under the bondage of Economic slavery.

Madam Vice President also indicated that the right kind of leadership is vital in creating and sustaining the African Renaissance; she called on Academic institutions, Organizations, and families to not only begin to pay attention to the mindsets of those under their control or tutelage, but as they plan for education and training of this new generation, they must be deliberate and intentional about changing the mindset of those new leaders in order to plant positive seeds and erase or diminish negative bias.

She said Africa must have visionary leaders, Aspirational leaders, Exemplary leaders, Agile leaders, Compassionate leaders, leaders with honor, Just leaders, Selfless leaders, Accountable leaders, and Inspirational leaders to achieve the African Renaissance.

She further argued that it is POSSIBLE to have all the leadership traits in one leader, citing examples of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, former South African President Nelson Mandela, former Ghana President Kwame Nkrumah, amongst others.

The Vice President concluded that the African Renaissance is unattainable unless we have leaders who understand the SPIRITUAL component of Mankind.

She stated that Wisdom comes from God and a leader must have spiritual connection and understanding to be selfless, prudent, and incisive in making decisions and leading the African people.

While in Ondo State, Liberia’s Vice President was bestowed with the Chieftaincy Title of ” “YEYE KOREDE OF ILARA-MOKIN” by His Royal Majesty Oba Abiodun Aderemi Adefehinti Agbekorun II, the Alara of Ilara-Mokin. The title means ” A Person who brings good Tidings”.

Elizade University is a private University in Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, established in 2013.

The University was founded by Chief Michael Ade Ojo and is amongst the top-notch Universities and fastest-growing Universities in Nigeria and Africa.


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