Somalia: Ministry of Information Issues Statement On Saturday’s Attack

MOGADISHU — The Ministry of Information of the Federal Republic of Somalia condemns yesterday’s heinous terrorist attack in Mogadishu that left above 100 innocent civilians killed and over one hundred more injured.

Such cowardly and reprehensible acts of terrorism will not in any way deter the absolute commitment of the Somali people and their government but will further strengthen our purpose to defeat international terrorists and end the misery they cause.

We are at war with a cruel, global, and morally bankrupt terrorist group. The Somali government is proud of the courage of our resilient people who have shown bravery and courage to make a firm stand against Al-Shabab and their abuse and criminal acts against our people and nation.

The Government extends its heartfelt condolences and sympathy to those who have tragically lost their lives and the many more that were injured.

We have to join our hands together to defeat the enemy of the Somali people.


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