Rwanda: Illovo Sugar Rwanda Launches Factory, 1kg Packaging

Illovo sugar Rwanda a subsidiary of Illovo sugar Africa opened its packaging facility in Rwanda and launched its 1kg pre-packed branded brown sugar.

The Illovo sugar Rwanda branch was launched on Wednesday at the same time launching its 1kg packed and branded brown sugar as its flagship.

The factory is located at Masaka Dry Port (DP World).

Illovo sugar Rwanda will be importing sugar from Malawi and Zambia. Upon arrival, sugar will be taken to Illovo sugar Rwanda packaging facility for packing.

The advanced packaging is meant to offer consumers with a safe, hygienic, and branded solution.

Speaking at the launch, the Managing Director of Illovo sugar Rwanda Consolatha Karangwayire said, “our new 1kg pre-packed branded bag of brown sugar will be packaged here in our country, by Rwandans for the Rwandan Market. It will be Rwanda’s first sugar fortified with vitamin A which will provide the public with various health benefits and nutrients required by the body.”

“The sugar will be manufactured and imported from Malawi and Zambia and will be packaged in 1kg packs here in our facility in Rwanda,” Karangwayire said, adding that “this move will enable us to curb the problem of sugar shortage on the market and will offer consumers safe and hygienic solutions compared to what they have been consuming.”

In an interview with The New Times the Minister of Trade and Industry Jean-Chrysostome Ngabitsinze said, “The facility and its packaging will address the demand for sugar on the market. The need for sugar isn’t in consuming it in tea, coffee, or juice but also in processed products.”

Ngabitsinze said that the Illovo sugar Rwanda packing facility is important for the market in terms of the quality of the sugar packaged and also availing enough sugar for the market to reduce its shortage and stabilize its price.

“We thank our partners of Illovo sugar Africa, this move is a win-win for all,” he said

The packed 1kg will be available in markets, shops, and supermarkets in Kigali, Musanze, and Rwamagana.

Illovo sugar Rwanda intends to expand in other regions of the country progressively in the near future. The recommended retail price of the 1kg pack is Rwf1500.

Illovo sugar is Africa’s biggest sugar producer, which has extensive agribusiness operations in six African countries, manufacturing sugar and downstream products from cane supplied by our own agricultural operations and independent local growers.


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