Kenya: Stop Threating Jobless Youths Over Crime, Deliver on Jobs! – Gaucho to Ruto

Nairobi — Bunge La Mwananchi President Calvin Okoth popularly known as Gaucho has urged the Kenya Kwanza government to “give the youth the jobs they promised” during campaigns.

Gaucho who faulted a reinvigorated multi-agency security operation in Nairobi geared at taming an upsurge in crimes including muggings said the government should “stop threatening the youth” over insecurity.

“We agree security is paramount but you also need to get these young people something to do because they are just trying to fend for themselves,” he stated

Speaking to news reporters on Thursday, Gaucho attributed the current influx in crime to idle youth who have nothing to do due to lack of jobs.

He said even though crime is inexcusable, the government should provide solutions to the young suffering Kenyans as pledged during campaigns instead of giving “threats”.

Gaucho faulted President William Ruto for doing away with the Kazi Mtaani programme offering casual jobs which he defended saying a number of young people were able earn wages to sustain themselves.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on Monday put criminal gangs terrorizing Nairobi residents on notice saying the government will “crush them”.

In a powerful message directed to small armed groups that have been mugging city dwellers, the new Interior CS left no doubt of the government’s resolve to act.

“Those boys who have dared the government, we have also heard you and therefore we are coming effective immediately,” Kindiki said during the presser.

Criminals armed with knives and other light weapons have been terrorizing city residents especially in the Nairobi’s Central Business District, even in broad daylight.

Similar cases have also been recorded in some estates.

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome restructured the leadership and the command of the police in the city, and also deployed a multi-agency response team to deal with the gangs.


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