Liberia: Some Females Living Legends of Liberia Honored for Contributions

Monrovia — Over the weekend, all roads led to the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, where a book called Living Legends was launched.

The much-talked-about book, which highlighted the contributions of many Liberian women from every walk of life, is authored by Mrs. Brenda Brewer Moore, Executive Director of one of Liberia’s top literacy program called Kids Educational Engagement Project, (KEEP).

“We have many living Liberian women who are living Legends and are contributing to our society but many of them do not know they are. We have women from all sectors, including health, education, business, activists, humanitarian, journalists, and agriculture, etc. that are mentioned in this book. These living Legends can serve as role models to the younger generation in Liberia,” she said

The program brought together many well-wishers who served as patrons, sponsors, and special guests formed part of officials from past and present government, AFL, business entities, educational experts, NGOs community, AFL, media executives, and the general public.

Mrs. Moore further said her target is to get 150 women documented, but this is her first book highlighting 52 women. Some of the women are: Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, Dr. Romelle Horton, Clara Doe Mvogo, Rosanna Hungerpiller Schaack, Cerue Konah Garlo, Mae Azango, Dr. Ayele Ajevon Cox, Mai Urey, Ne-Suah Beyan-Livingstone, Lorpu Scott, Wadei Powell Marjon Kamara, Felecia Doe Somah, MC Caro, and many others.

“Even though it was not easy getting these Living Legends because some people think it is all political, while others just did not want to be bothered, but all in all I thank you for your amazing contributions to Liberia. Living Legends (please forgive me and send me Direct Mail if you are a living legend and befriend me on Facebook.) The book is sold at only US$ 25.00 each, so anybody can buy copies for their children.

Speaking about the legends who have passed she said the late Rev. Katurah York Cooper, really worked hard in seeing the book to where it is today.

“We also celebrate the ones we lost Roseline Toweh, Rev. Katurah York Cooper, Ma Martha Karnga and also Ma Annie. I am so happy that I was able to document these strong ladies before their passing so that our children will know their contribution to society,” said Madam Moore.

Dr. Romelle Horton and Minister Felecia Doe Somah did the fundraising aspect of the program and raised funds both in cash and pledges, while a raffle draw sponsored by many businesses including Libassa Eco Lodge, Kpatawee Waterfall Resort, so winners would spend time at these tourism sites.


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