Uganda: NRM Youth Ask Museveni to Okay Fundraising for Party Offices



Youth from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) have petitioned President Museveni to allow them conduct a nationwide mobilisation to raise funds to build party offices across the country.

On October 4, 2022, the group of youth led by Dr Diini Emmanuel Kisembo, the executive director Bunyoro Kitara Youth Initiative for Development (BKYID) wrote to the president requesting them continue with the plan.

Kisembo told the Nile Post that they have not yet got any response from the party chairman and yet this is a very serious issue which needs to be handled urgently.

“Right now, we want to start the mobilisation and we shall work with the districts. We are trying to mobilize funding to purchase land and we can begin construction for easy coordination of NRM projects at the grassroots level,” Kisembo said.

Kisembo said they have also informed the president that all the NRM party leaders at the district and sub-county levels will be included in their mobilisation efforts.

“This is to help us be accountable and transparent with all the collections. The party offices, once completed, will help the party and the secretariat with the mobilisation and recruitment of new members, “he said.

He stated that it will also act as the information and resource centre for the NRM making which will help to make the party distinct from the rest of other political parties.


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