Liberia: ‘No One Should Threaten the Peace,’ Clergyman Cautions

Monrovia — A leading Liberian clergyman, Rev. Dr. Kortu K Brown, says it is unacceptable for elements or supporters of Ruling and/or Non-ruling parties to threaten the peace and tranquility of Liberia.

On Monday, Lewis Brown, Chair of Alexander Cummings’ presidential election team, was attacked by those believed to be members of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change following his appearance on Voice of Liberia radio station, where he had gone to rally Liberians about a planned “we are suffering” protest expected to take place on December 17.

Speaking to FrontPage Africa Tuesday, the pastor of the New Water in the Desert Assembly, said: “No one should threaten the peace. “People should exercise their Constitutional right. The actions of those who attacked M. Brown yesterday is despicable, condemnable, insensitive and unwarranted.”

Rev. Brown said Liberians are tired of violence, adding that nobody should resurrect unbridled violence in a country like Liberia already challenged politically, economically, socially and spiritually. He said every Liberian must guide against actions that could undermine peace, security and stability and force other nations and partners to consider Liberians as an unserious and a lawless people.

The clergyman added: “Words are meaningful and impactful. We must be cautious about how we process and use them. We demand that all leaders and supporters of political parties measure their utterances in these critical moments. We also call on all political parties including the Opposition community to ensure that their political actions and utterances are in accordance with the rule of law. We commend the Joint Security including the Police for swiftly acting to curtail violence in Monrovia last evening


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