Uganda: Human Rights Commission Says It Is Investigating Abductions of Citizens

The Chairperson of Uganda Human Rights Commission Mariam Wangadya has said her committee is carrying out investigations in the alleged ongoing abductions of Ugandans.

This was during the celebration of the International Human Rights day that marked the end of the 16 days on Activism globally.

Uganda has joined the rest of the world to commemorate the International Human Rights Day under the theme “dignity, freedom and justice for all.”

The Chairperson of Uganda Human Rights Commission Mariam Wangadya urged Ugandans to be vigilant and respect everyone’s rights.

Wangadya also committed to promoting and creating awareness for human rights in Uganda through the investigations that are ongoing in different parts of the country.

The UN women country Representative Paulina Chiwangu called upon the government to front human rights if they are to have sustainable development in Uganda.

She noted the plight of women who she said had suffered greatly since the outbreak of Covid-19 with their rights violated continually. She asked the government to work to have their tormentors brought to book to face the law.

December 10 is celebrated each year globally as International Human Rights Day to mark the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The landmark document proclaims unassailable rights that every human being must be entitled to, regardless of their sex, colour, religion or political opinions.


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