Liberia: What Liberians Say About the December 17 We Are Tired Suffering Rally

Monrovia — Liberians have expressed their opinions about the December 17 rally that will be hosted by the opposition Collaborating Political Parties. Some say the rally is right while others say it is untimely.

FrontPageAfrica was in the streets talking with Liberians days before the much talk about we are tired of suffering protests.

Sidia Swaray, Street Vendor on Randall Street:

“I am not in favor of the protest. I don’t want any problems in this country. Let the opposition people wait for the ballot box. We are not suffering. We all right like this, at least we can hustle and find something to eat. Their children are not here. Let them find somewhere to sit and wait for 2023. For me, I am not suffering. I am ok with this. They want to put our children’s future behind them. We say no to the protest, Liberians are tired of the protest. No benefit from all of their protests.”

Melvin Doweh, Civil Society Actor:

“The December 17 rally in my mind from the democratic point of view is a tool that reawakens the consciousness of national governments. However, this time, with the many achievements from the Weah-led government from the PAPD, we believe that this protest especially the angle it is coming from Lewis Brown, Cummings, is a political plan to have jobs and other opportunities but this President will not succumb to this. We want to say that we appreciate the work of the President. Mr. Brown and his friends need to know that the PAPD is well on course.”

Daison A. Morris, Resident of Gardnersville:

“The protest is not timely. Liberia is doing better in this region. The country is doing well than many of our neighboring countries. Which part of this world people are not suffering in? Will the people suffering end after the protest? Even in the great UK, people are suffering. I do not know what the protest organizers want to achieve. I believe that Liberians are not even excited about the protest. We are enjoying stable electricity right now, look at the many developments going on across the country, Lewis Brown, Cummings, and the likes have no issues to protest on.”

Varney Fanhbulleh, Political Activist:

“The protest is misleading and it is an embodiment of insincerity from an icon who lacks morals and that value, Lewis Brown cannot be the one to call for protest around here. He cannot be an embodiment of the suffering we have in Liberia and he is saying that we are suffering. Because he is not having access to 150 gallons of gas slip then he says the people are suffering. Yesterday when he was Minister before going as ambassador, he ever says that Liberians are suffering? It is a serious contradiction to us. If he was the man with serious moral rectitude, we were going to listen to him.”

Romeo Fanhbulleh, Students Activist:

“As a student activist, I support the protest. In my mind the guys’ issues are important. And I will be part of the protest. It is important to express your grievance and so protest is no harm. Even when the CDC government was in opposition they used to protest every time. We are a stone’s throw away from the 2023 election and raising the issues is the right time. At think the protest is good. The government should see this protest in good faith, it will give them direction. Who determined that leaders of protest are not morally upright. It is not about morality we are discussing the real issues. Are the people in Liberia not suffering, we say no, we are suffering.”

Terry T. Geweh, Stephen Tolbert Estate:

“Let us ask ourselves what has been the dividend of protest in our country. Under the constitution, it is the right of citizens to protest. However, in my mind, it is not timely. We have been suffering for five years now, so why cannot wait for nine or ten months to express our anger at the ballot box? Go from community to community and tell the Liberian people that we are tired of suffering and let the country remain calm. Visit around the country and tell the people that come next October, let them express their anger through the ballot box.”

McClane Renner, Member of the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions:

“From the name we are tired of suffering, it is the reality that the Liberian people are suffering. We all agree that things are difficult around the world but Liberia’s situation has come to a standstill. And so, it is the right time to send the message to our government so at least they can do something to improve the lives of the Liberian people. I believe that this protest is timely and we all Liberians need to rally around the organizers of the protest. This protest is not a miracle to end Liberian people suffering. This protest is there to send out a clear message to our leaders that are in power that they need to do something to better the people’s lives. We still got some months to go, let the government listen to the cry of the Liberian people and do the right thing.”


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