Sudan: Clashes in South Kordofan Leave Five Dead, One Missing

Abu Kershola / Abu Zabad — Five people were killed and one is missing after clashes of a tribal nature took place in the city of Abu Kershola in the state of South Kordofan on Wednesday. In West Kordofan, the General Union of Hamar Youth has called for accountability for 30 people killed in an ambush in Abu Zabad last week.

Human rights activist Hamsa Omar told Radio Dabanga that the clashes in Abu Kershola began after someone was killed by unknown persons in Khor El Tina area, four miles north of the city.

Omar explained that the attack caused panic which led to a clash between the two parties. Three people were killed in the fighting, another was killed in the panic, and one person was lost.

The Sudan Armed Forces brought in substantial military reinforcements from Abu Jubeiha, including 30 vehicles, and closed the road linking Abu Kershola and El Rahad.

The clashes caused mass displacement of people, said Omar, adding that the city has been under pressure due to tension in the surrounding area causing people to take refuge in the city.

Calls for accountability

The General Union of Hamar Youth called on the government of West Kordofan state and the indigenous administration of Misseriya to hand over the perpetrators of violence in Abu Zabad on December 10.

30 people were killed in clashes after a group of bandits stole about 170 sheep from Teiba Um Jafala, north of Abu Zabad town.

The General Union of Hamar Youth demanded that perpetrators are handed over to the authorities, and for the safe return of stolen sheep and property that were stolen. In addition, the union called for the authorities to hold an inquiry to investigate the incident and for the establishment of the state of Central Kordofan.

Incidents of tribal fighting in West Kordofan increased earlier in the year. In early June, Radio Dabanga reported about fierce fighting in Lagawa which left nine people dead. End May, at least six people were killed in the violence that broke out between two Hamar clans.


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