Kenya: 2 Italians Among Four People Rescued From Suspected Al-Shabaab Militia in Witu Forest, Lamu

Nairobi — Four people including two Italian women who were being held hostage by suspected militia in Witu Forest have been rescued.

According to a police report, two bodies were also recovered from a lorry during the early morning operation mounted by the officers from the General Service Unit, Rapid Deployment Unit and the Kenya Defence Forces.

The incident was reported last evening by GSU officers who were en route to Mokowe when they encountered a roadblock laid by suspected Al Shabaab militia numbering about 10 who disguised as KDF officers.

“Today at around 0930 hrs GkB 205 U left GSU Hqrts enroute to mokowe under I/c of C.I Gituma Of GSU C coy. On reaching Witu forest at around 1745 hrs we encountered a road block laid by suspected As militia numbering about 10 who disguised as KDF officers. They had stopped around 4 vehicle’s before our arrival. They fired at our vehicle several shots,” the report indicated.

“We took cover and responded forcing them to flee in the forest while firing at us. We sought reinforcement from Rdu Nyaatha GSU Kasakairu, SOG nyangoro and KDF who arrived later.”

Police recovered a saloon car with several gunshots but no occupants.

They also recovered a burnt motorcycle whose registration number was not visible and whose owner not seen was also found at the scene.


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